Simply send us an enquiry, with what services you require and when, we will then arrange an initial “Meet and Greet’ which is completely free of charge! Here we will have a chat about your pooch, understand their needs, personality, likes/dislikes and what you hope to achieve.

If you decide to go ahead,

– Complete Pet Profile and Registration Form
– Agree on service and timing it will take place
– Payment is required before any service commences
– Agree on access to your property to collect your fur baby

Time for ‘Walkies’ – Your puppy will meet their puppy peeps who are both like minded and of the same temperment. They will all jump on the ‘puppy party bus’ and be best of friends instantly. We will take them to an off leash park or beach on a hot day, where they will run, sniff, chase, play, and have the time of their doggie lives!! They will be returned home content, tails wagging and ready for a snooze. We will check their water is full and leave them safe and secure in their home.

At the end of the day, we’ll send you some happy snaps of your pooch on their day’s adventures!

  • We accept payment for our services online via direct bank deposit or Cash (in Person or left at the premises where pooch is collected from). Prior to the commencement of our services we will email you an invoice which includes details for how to pay online.

Yes I have full Public Liability Insurance cover.

Rain or shine, We will take your puppy for their much needed walk. We do not walk in extreme heat or when there’s lighting, in these extreme events we will contact owners before their scheduled service

To be included in the ‘Puppy Party’ (group walk), your dog doesn’t need to be #1 – Top Dog in your Obedience training class…..they just need to have some basic ‘pooch politeness’, meaning they will most importantly have to have mastered the ‘Recall’ skill, where they will return on command. They also need to be socialised and can maintain their manners around other doggies, and play nicely 

Access to your home is determined by you. You can decide to give us a copy of your house/side gate/garage key (including buzzers etc) or you could pop a key in a locked boxed with which you will provide us with the code.

Please Note, any alarm codes are kept 100% confidential and safe and we will leave your home secure and your pets safe and sound.

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