Booking Conditions and Payment Terms

  • All bookings, cancellations, date changes and refund queries are to be made by contacting us on 0401 046 205 during business hours.
  • Payment for all bookings is required in full prior to your pooch’s activity
  • Unless otherwise requested by the Member, credit card details will be kept securely on file.
  • Before your first booking starts, we will visit your home for our ‘Meet and Greet’ session, to introduce ourselves, meet your pets, obtain all relevant job details and collect any keys required. This Visit is completely free of charge.
  • As part of the booking process, Puppy Luvs will email you a confirmation of your booking details. It is your responsibility to check that the booking details are correct and to let us know if they are not. If you are unable to provide puppy luvs with an email address, or if you do not let us know if the details are incorrect, puppy luvs will not be responsible for any errors which may occur.
  • If you select our ‘pet play’ service, Puppy Luvs recommends at least one pet care “Pop-in” visit each day while you are away. If you have not booked at least one visit per day (eg you have selected alternate day visits), you acknowledge that there is an increased likelihood of:
  1. Your pets’ water supplies running out or becoming dirty.
  2. Food supplies running out in between visits.
  3. Kitty litter trays becoming more soiled than usual.
  4. Your pets showing increased signs of stress.
  5. External factors affecting your property/premises/pets which are out of puppy luvs control.
  • Surcharges will apply if we are required to purchase pet supplies on your behalf.
    In such instances, a Shopping Surcharge will be added to your booking. This covers up to 30 minutes of our time and petrol in shopping on your behalf.
  • Puppy luvs reserves the right to turn down any booking (with a full refund) when we feel our service is unsuitable. Possible reasons are to protect our safety, if an animal appears to be aggressive, or if we are concerned for the animal’s welfare due to its living conditions.

Payment Options
We accept payment for our services online via direct deposit or Cash (in Person or left at the premises where pooch is collected from).  Prior to the commencement of our services we will email you an invoice which includes details for how to pay online. Please call 0401 046 205 if you have any questions regarding your payment options.

Booking Cancellations
All bookings under $500 have a standard cancellation fee of $25. Bookings over $500 have a cancellation fee of 5%.

Booking Date Changes
Any money that has been paid for dates rescheduled with less than 2 days notice, will be forfeited. Any new dates added to the booking will be charged accordingly. Date changes with more than 2 days notice can be made readily, as required, subject to availability.
Please note: the above scenarios are based on 2 days notice being Today and Tomorrow.
Date change example – Say you arrive home 3 days earlier than planned and cancel our services for the last 3 days of the booking. Once you notify me, you will forfeit the money paid for the next 2 days of pet care, and the money you have paid for the third day of pet care will remain as credit for future bookings, or refunded.

Peak Period Bookings

Christmas Day and Easter

Subject to availability, please call us to discuss dates and fees.

Additional notes or questions:

Please print clearly:



  1. You are the owner of the pet/s appearing on your Pet Profile and Registration form and you are the owner or legal occupant of the property at which the pet/s is/are housed.
  2. You have fully disclosed to Puppy Luvs all relevant details as to emergency contacts, veterinary contacts, the pet/s’ vices, likes and dislikes, behavioral issues, health and medical information sufficient to enable Puppy Luvs to provide a high standard of care being that of a caring and prudent pet owner. (Verbal discussions with Puppy Luvs at any stage, do not form part of the contract unless content appears on your Pet Profile and Registration form). You authorize Puppy Luvs to deal with any unforeseen or emergency circumstances using it’s own discretion at your expense (and without reference to you where you have failed to provide Puppy Luvs with effective emergency and/or veterinary contact details), including temporary relocation of your pet/s if considered prudent.
  3. The pet/s does/do not have any disease or health condition which may be transmittable.
  4. You acknowledge that certain pets, in some situations, can become stressed, due to your absence. Puppy Luvs will not be responsible for any property damage that may occur whatsoever, due to the way your pet/s may react to this stress. You also accept that pet excrement may go undetected if it is located in an area of your house/ property, which is not immediately obvious.
  5. You acknowledge that unforeseen circumstances may arise which may, in the interest of your pet/s’ wellbeing, cause additional time to be spent and expenses incurred by Puppy Luvs attending to such issues.
  6. You hereby authorize Puppy Luvs to obtain veterinary advice or treatment from your nominated vet or if not readily available, an alternative vet for your pet/s, at your expense, if considered necessary or prudent by Puppy Luvs.
  7. You hereby authorize Puppy Luvs to gain access to your property for the purposes specified in this contract and if considered necessary by Puppy Luvs for the wellbeing of your pet/s to employ a locksmith at your expense, to gain access.
  8. You acknowledge that Puppy Luvs is not responsible for the security of the premises or for any loss or damage resulting from inadequate, breached or failed security.
  9. You acknowledge that Puppy Luvs reserves the right to decline your booking, or withdraw its service (at any stage), if in the opinion of Puppy Luvs, inadequate provisions are made by you for the health, safety and maintenance of your pet/s, or circumstances exist which may cause any safety risk to Puppy Luvs Carer’s. In the case of service being withdrawn after commencement, you acknowledge that following notification to either you or your nominated emergency contact(s) and the refund of any unexpended monies paid, responsibility for the care of your pet/s reverts to you or your nominated (non veterinary) emergency contact.
  10. You acknowledge that these conditions are subject to change and that you have read and accepted the current and updated terms and conditions.
  11.  You acknowledge that every time you use the services of Puppy Luvs in the future, the terms and conditions appearing on the website at that time must be read and acknowledged together with the terms contained in the Pet Profile and Registration form as forming the contract between you and Puppy Luvs, provided that in the event of any inconsistency in the contents of such documents, these terms and conditions shall prevail.
    1. You acknowledge that due to Puppy Luvs operational reasons or for any unforeseen circumstances, occasions may arise whereby Puppy Luvs cannot strictly adhere to ‘time specific’ requests. It is Puppy Luvs usual policy to not offer time specific visits that are more defined than simply AM, Midday or PM. Should Puppy Luvs agree to and accept a time specific visit request, additional charges will apply and these additional charges will be included in any supplied quote. Acceptance of a time specific request and subsequent payment do not guarantee a time specific visit. However, Puppy Luvs will fully refund all time specific surcharges paid, should that visit not occur within a 30 minute window of the agreed time specific request.
    2.  You acknowledge that a change in Puppy Luvs carer may occur without notice and is done so at the discretion of Puppy Luvs management.
    3.  You hereby authorize Puppy Luvs to pay an amount up to $500.00 (in addition to the agreed pet care rates) from your credit card facility towards any necessary Veterinary, Locksmith, Pound retrieval or animal supplies expenses, as they are incurred, in accordance with this contract.
    4.  You acknowledge that you are liable for all locksmith expenses incurred at your property unless caused by Puppy Luvs having lost your keys.
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